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titre eco friendly Help us make the Serge Vigot La Rochelle Marathon even more eco-friendly!





2019 results

With our partner BIOTOP
> Recovery of banana and orange peelings on refreshment points, and leftover meals at Espace Encan in Geoboxes.
> Collect of cardboard everywhere and centralization at the Espace Encan.
> Recovery of plastics in 3 categories: films, bottles, cups.


1.722 Kg collected
242 kg plastic bottles
- 496 kg cardboards
- 55 kg plastic films
- 201 kg plastic cups
- 478 kg bio-waste
- 23kg plastic caps
- 227 kg textiles

map of waste zones
2021 Plan parcours dechets

download map waste zone

"cleaner marathon" actions : 

We have developed actions to make our marathon cleaner:

- The “eco-friendly Marathon” volunteer team
- Public awareness on the "eco-friendly Marathon" stand of the Marathon village:
- Withdrawal of dematerialized race number voucher, use of smartphones possible
- 19,000 biodegradable corn starch bags are used for race number voucher bags, volunteer ravito bags.
- 24 dry toilet cabins are installed at the start and on the course
 - An agreement is in place with the Parc Expo, for parking vehicles in their parking lot
- Shuttle buses after the race to connect Le Vieux Port to the outlying car parks, the hospital and the station.
In partnership with the city and the CDA of La Rochelle
- Similarly, sea buses can be used by runners after the race.
- 35 waste recovery zones installed at intervals of 1 km, to recover cups, bottles and waste. They were designed with local fishing net companies. They have a size of 3.5 m by 1.7 m.
- Recovery and sorting of textiles on the different startpoints and on the course. Recovery areas of 4m by 2m are placed just after the different startpoints.
- Recovery of caps


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 We really count on you to leave a clean city after your visit,
do not hesitate to make us proposals on our Facebook account,
and by visiting us on the eco-friendly Marathon stand of the marathon village
which will be located at the exit of the race number voucher collect area.

All together let's make our Marathon even eco-friendly!