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The layout of these refreshment point will always be the same:
Personal water Energetic drink
gaseous solid warm
  Jolival Mieltonia   E.Leclerc   Jolival
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refreshment points

There are 5 of them.

KM 4,5 and 25 :
Rue Vaux de Folletier (the only one installed on both sides of the road, due to the serious congestion on the first pass).

KM 10 et 30,5 :
Avenue du Général Leclerc.

KM 14,5 et 35,5 :
Avenue Guiton.

KM 20 et 40,5 :
Avenue Porte Neuve.

KM 42,195 :
It's the end of the race and the last refueling, phew !!

Some statistics :

  • 150 volunteers on the refreshment points: Have a smile for them and a good word, they will be delighted!
  • 168,000 cups
  • 17,500 liters of waterJolival
  • 5,000 liters of drink Mieltonia : booster
  • 4,000 tea bags
  • 165 kg of dried fruits
  • 2,500 kg of fruits bananas, oranges, apples)
  • 7 trucks



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You will not miss the refreshment points but while maintaining the full of energy, you will take care to respect the environment by throwing the cups and the personal gels in the nets between the tables and at the exit of the area of ​​the 5 refreshment points but also in the collect areas at 1 km intervals along the route.
As a safety measure, there will be only one hot spot per supply (heating or gas supply) coffee and tea.

The deposit of personal supplies is possible, of course, it is better to customize it visually, a table is available at the start of each supply.