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From the beginning, the La Rochelle Marathon association wanted to set up a Popular, Friendly and Festive sporting event. These original orientations were the basis of an organization that has always been vigilant about the values ​​carried by its members. The search for coherence between its values ​​and its actions still forms the basis of its associative life today.


An association where the word volunteer finds meaning…

The La Rochelle marathon is the only one of this importance to be managed by an association of the 1901 law type. If the Marathon association only has around fifty members, the marathon brings together at the height of its activity more than 1300 volunteers. A festive gathering (ball, meal, etc.) is offered to volunteers in January of each year as a mark of recognition.


A relationship with money turned towards solidarity…

One of the first principles was not to pay for the venue of competitors despite an almost systematic practice in races of equivalent importance but also many smaller events. The prizes offered to the first in each category are of identical value for men and for women. Registration for the La Rochelle Marathon is free for job seekers.


An eco-friendly race

Marathon association has for several years started a proactive approach in order to become a clean marathon. For this, a committee of volunteers is entirely dedicated to the subject and sets up, year after year, new actions in favor of the environment through the reduction of disposable items, sorting of waste, raising public and exhibitor awareness … All this in partnership with the Biotop network, which provides its expertise and logistical assistance during events.