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Being the second marathon in France is not so easy, and yet the whole structure relies on volunteers: The backbone of the organization is the "La Rochelle Serge Vigot Marathon Association" which brings together 58 people, mostly from runners associations in the La Rochelle region.

Starting in January, monthly meetings are organized to prepare the event. All important decisions are voted during these meetings and are taken democratically by majority.

Each member of the association is commiteed in a commission, but he can not assume everything alone.
This is why, around the event, there are 1300 volunteers of all ages from all fields, sportspeople and non-sportspeople, associations, neighborhood committees, but also individuals who agree to give a few hours or a few days of their time for the success of the Marathon.

For those who wish to invest in the organization of the event, the Marathon offers a range of varied tasks:

From Wednesday, preparation of the pockets which will be given to the runners when collecting the race numbers.

Friday and Saturday, ensure the functioning of the marathon village in the Encan area with the withdrawal of race numbers. Preparation of start and finish areas ...

On Saturday evening, the Pasta Party or how to serve 1500 meals in a minimum of time so that everyone eats their hot pasta.

On race day, no less than 350 signalers ensure the safety of the course. There are also 160 people for supplies, 110 Red Cross rescuers, 30 physiotherapists, 10 podiatrists and a large number to ensure the finish area (delivery of wind jacket, medal, oysters, supplies, removal of chips). ..). Others helps with the security motorcycles for the press and the officials, set up podiums for orchestras on the route...

Sunday evening and Monday: everything must be tidy up !

La Rochelle Marathon association, aware that nothing could be done without these volunteers, offers them a small gift on the day of the race and we all get together in January for a dancing meal and watch the video of the race.




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